Since our inception in 2012, Best Pegasus is aiming to be able to provide IT Services for organizations in the midwest, including Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and more. Our team of associates and management likes to understand your intricate needs and take decisions that can help you overcome complexity and efficienctly scale your business.

We hope to be one stop solutions for all your IT needs in IT Solutions through our various services like Consulting, Training, Software Development, Cloud Solutions and AI based solutions to power your business needs.


High Quality Services

Quick Turnaround

Client Is Our Priority




Imagination & Creativity


We aim to nurture best talent and also provide wide services as per our on-going services

  • CRM – Salesforce – Both technical and functional consultancy
  • Data Science – Adapt popular technologies like Python using AI and Machine learning and cloud based.
  • E-Commerce – Develop big client base on popular CMS e-commerce solutions like shopify, magento etc.
  • Mobile – React JS, React native for Android and iOS.


Work with the best talent pool available in the market.

Create wide client base in US and around the globe.

Develop global footprint in development, consultancy and training .

Create work atmosphere that can help and give our team a health workplace.

BEST PEGASUS – Advantages

By providing required skill sets and making them work under professional guidance,  we are helping students to start career with us.  WE CHERISH IN MAKING YOU COPE UP WITH UNFORESEEN CHALLENGES.

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